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About the Carnival !

THE GRAND CINE CARNIVAL- MALDIVES is an International Live Screening Film Festival based in Maldives , South Asia .

THE GRAND CINE CARNIVAL- MALDIVES is planned to celebrate world films in the tropical haven of white sand beaches ,chain of islands with powdery beaches and turquoise waters .

This festival is about bringing together people from different corners of the world to enjoy and appreciate the art of film making .

Red Carpet

THE GRAND CINE CARNIVAL- MALDIVES is an Independent festival that supports & promotes aspiring filmmakers all over the world. The Festival is also concerned toward supporting and encouraging creative minds globally, especially filmmakers, and artists to participate in the festival .
THE GRAND CINE CARNIVAL- MALDIVES attracts a broad selection of shorts and feature films by independent filmmakers working in every genre and format and offers an extraordinary chance to have a glimpse of the future of independent cinema.

Our Vision

The festival prides itself upon providing opportunities for talented directors, producers, writers, actors and crew members from all over the world to learn together and exhibit their work in a stimulating international environment. The Festival ensures and encourages good content from outside the mainstream film industry. We look for films that represent different facets of filmmaking, from polished productions to no-budget gems.